Total Commander pro-tips

Jul 4, 2015

Use Windows-style shortcut (F2) for renaming:

1. Configuration - Options, Misc.
2. In 'Redefine hotkeys' choose F2 key, then click on magnify glass to the right from Command field and choose cm_RenameOnly from list (you can type part of command name to filter items). Click OK.
3. Click green check mark button to the right from magnify glass button.
4. Enjoy!

Type to search filename instead of writing in command line:

1. Go to Configuration -> Options
2. Select "Quick Search" in the left column
3. Tick "Letter only"
4. Click "OK" and that's all!

Check directory size:

It's really simple, just select directory and press [ SPACE ]

ps. For Linux Users: Double Commander is almost as good as Total Commander :-)

To be continued...