Audio over bluetooth

Jun 12, 2015

I am using quide decent speakers: Edifier R1280T, but as long, I started using multiplde devices: tablet, phone, two computers - pluggin jack connector each time started being annoying.

My first idea was: "I should have bluetooth speakers!", so I bought some bluetooth audio receiver - LOGITECH S-00113. After using it for few weeks, I can give you some tips, over picking bluetooth audio device.

- Select branded solutions. Chinese no-names are awful.

- If sound quality is important for you, pick device supporting aptX technology. There is a list of devices on aptX website.

- pick device that can handle multiple devices simultaneously. With my device I have to close one connection and then I can connect again from other device. It is quite annoying after longer use.

- I don't find NFC useful here.

- Used devices are usually as good as new ones :)