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Apr 30, 2015

Why you can never finish anything and how to finally change it

For some time I am adding links to TODOIST app... This one had 57 days. Well, probably problems with not finishing things apply for me :-)

Unfortunetely I didn't find anwser for my issues in this article, but maybe its will suite you. In fact, in my opinion it may be even more deepening the problems... 

When you're working on something without a clear deadline, seeing it through to its end can be a huge challenge.

 I've tried this and failed. For me deadlines doesn't work. Instead that set when to begin, not the end the task.


OK lets try another article from this area:
how to finish anything you start

It's easy for me to identify with the author. I would recomment it to anyone!


ps. "Make" task hangs for 73 days. I have to finish it soon :-)