Audio over bluetooth

Jun 12, 2015

I am using quide decent speakers: Edifier R1280T, but as long, I started using multiplde devices: tablet, phone, two computers - pluggin jack connector each time started being annoying.

My first idea was: "I should have bluetooth speakers!", so I bought some bluetooth audio receiver - LOGITECH S-00113. After using it for few weeks, I can give you some tips, over picking bluetooth audio device.

- Select branded solutions. Chinese no-names are awful.

- If sound quality is important for you, pick device supporting aptX technology. There is a list of devices on aptX website.

- pick device that can handle multiple devices simultaneously. With my device I have to close one connection and then I can connect again from other device. It is quite annoying after longer use.

- I don't find NFC useful here.

- Used devices are usually as good as new ones :)

Simplest way to serve directory via HTTP

Jun 8, 2015

I am xAMP (Apache + MySQL + PHP) user for few years now, and I was always adding myself unnecessary work.

When configuring new project, I was editing hosts file, adding proper configuration to httpd.conf, restarting apache... It was at least 10 minutes of work each time.

Recently I've fixed this problem with node-static, that is as simple, as typing `static` in the console!

Cure for serial project starters

Apr 30, 2015

Why you can never finish anything and how to finally change it

For some time I am adding links to TODOIST app... This one had 57 days. Well, probably problems with not finishing things apply for me :-)

Unfortunetely I didn't find anwser for my issues in this article, but maybe its will suite you. In fact, in my opinion it may be even more deepening the problems... 

When you're working on something without a clear deadline, seeing it through to its end can be a huge challenge.

 I've tried this and failed. For me deadlines doesn't work. Instead that set when to begin, not the end the task.


OK lets try another article from this area:
how to finish anything you start

It's easy for me to identify with the author. I would recomment it to anyone!


ps. "Make" task hangs for 73 days. I have to finish it soon :-)

Accessibility Wins

Apr 25, 2015

Accessibility Wins website is great example, how positive motivation should work. There is a lot of articles that describes what not to do in subject of accessibility, this is the first one, that does opposite.